Business Model: B2B platform is intended for partner financial institutions for full-cycle SME Company scoring and underwriting via web-service integration.

Financial Model: Monthly payment adjusted to the amount of scoring of SME companies by the financial institution.

Advanced Technology: The algorithm of QCash Platform instantly reviews incoming extracted information from digital and alternative sources to form borrower’s detailed score, in order to assess borrower’s creditworthiness in 5 minutes.

Easy integration/configuration: Through our algorithm and white-label business model, partner financial institutions are given the opportunity to fully automate processing of business loan creditworthiness assessment under their brand.

The platform integration requires a maximum of 2 months, after which the partner financial institution can get a tangible financial benefit: the growth of credit portfolio, risk control and cost optimization without hiring any additional staff.

Real Automation: The QCash platform is fully automated from credit or operating risk assessment, including loan underwriting, identification of the company, and it requires minimal effort from the potential borrower SME as well as the financial institution.

Credit risk assessment model: The main advantage of the QCash platform is the concrete monetary outcome from the company's creditworthiness assessment - the upper limit of the credit limit adjusted for the particular borrower company.


The algorithm has built-in Automatic Update Module, which ensures improving scoring accuracy in proportion to the accumulated data.